Monday, November 3, 2008

Church Halloween Party

Joe and I are on the activities committee at church. So we helped plan and execute this bash on a budget.

We had a trunk or treat (no pictures, sorry, I was inside working on other things most of the time), a children's parade, a cake walk and a chili cookoff. Phew. And we totally lucked out -- Joe and I went home with extra pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (which we took to our niece Ella's baptism) and french bread (which we took to the Halloween party we went to the next night) and Joe's chili got completely eaten.

Isn't this baby one of the cutest you've ever seen? Good thing her parents like me and let me kidnap her for a while.
And this little boy acts rather puppy like so I thought his costume was perfect.
We had some pretty creative cake decorators. It was fun to see all the different ones.
Like I said, party on a budget....I'm so wishing we could afford more decoration. Oh well. I think it still looks festive.

3 little remarks:

Mardi and Jeremey said...

Those cakes are awesome! I am on the enrichment committee and planning activities on a budget is difficult, but it looks like you guys pulled it off really well!

Aliese said...

I think it's awesome. Plus, people go to ward parties to be social and eat; I don't think they place too much emphasis on the decor!

Emily S said...

Way to go - I think ward activities is one of the hardest things. Even after doing it, it still scares me.

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