Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cloth Diapering: From Beginning to End

Cloth diaper making is 90% complete (a total of 66 diapers if we counted properly, 33 each). We had a goal to finish today, but didn't quite make it. But we are well on our way. It's been a crazy two months....
So here's how it all sisters-in-law invited me to cloth diaper making class. And I successfully sewed 1 yellow diaper. [If you are interested in taking such a class or in buying a copy of the pattern I can get you the contact info for Ivy, she had all kinds of helpful tricks I wouldn't have picked up on by myself. Plus the pattern. And it was fun.]
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Sewing cloth diapers takes LOTS of concentration!
Here's how it begins...with a piece of microfleece like this and a piece of PUL same shape and size (though without the slit). I'm actually at the end of phase 2 in this picture and you can kind of see the red PUL around the edges, but you get the idea.
And after much manipulation it becomes.....THIS. Red are my favorite.
Amazing isn't it. I'm still amazed we did it.

For the past 2 months my house has looked like this. Sewing machine on the table and piles of fabric everywhere.

This is one of our favorite diapers, white with rainbow snaps, so cute.

And here is Helena concentrating on the tedium of attaching the snaps. She's much more careful and better at it than I am.
So there you go, today was diaper making marathon day. The bad news is that we didn't quite finish. The very positive news is that I think I can declare #78 on my list of 104 in 104 complete. We have finished enough diapers for one baby and will have enough for two babies early next week. Now we just have to hope that neither of us has 2 babies at once, yikes!

I'm not sure if I've ever explained how these diapers work. So they are shaped, as you can see, like a disposable diaper. The elastic around the legs and back helps it fit like a paper diaper. The lining is polarfleece so it wicks away moisture, the outer fabric is PUL--a laminated polyester, so it's fairly waterproof. Then there are inserts that go in the cloth diaper, made out of microfiber so they are very absorbent.

So this post was mostly informative and not that witty...but I'm tired.It's been a long day.

So, in conclusion. I think they're very adorable and look forward to using them...and no that's not an announcement. :)

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Ali said...

A LOT OF WORK. Kudos to you all! Wow...that is one of those projects I would dread doing, but love once I am in the middle of it, and be ever so PROUD of myself when I was done. Great job! I hope you can use them [soon] ;)

Tiff said...

Those are so cute!! I thought about cloth diapers.. and I'm not sure I want to commit. If I start feeling guilty enough about contaminating our environment, I'll get that pattern for sure!

i'm kelly said...


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