Sunday, November 2, 2008

Composing Excellent Photos

I like photography. A lot.

I read photography blogs. I dream about owning a DSLR. I want to buy and learn how to use Photoshop. And I am currently learning the deeper workings of my point-and-shoot. [I'm taking CJ's advice---or at least what I decided from one of our photography emails---to master my point and shoot before I buy a DSLR. Seriouly, if I'm not adjusting the ISO settings on my point and shoot why would I get in the habit with a DSLR?]

Anyway. So I'm always on the lookout for good photography tips. [Sidenote: I mentally cringed when I recently saw someone draw the blinds to take a photo because the sunlight was preventing the flash from going off. Curses. So here's my photography tip of the day: use natural sunlight when at all possible.]

So today I was browsing Kirtsy (a site which could become an addiction if I'd let it) and found this awesome post about photography composition. They are simple tips to keep in mind when taking pictures. Because, seriously, even if some problems with poor composition can be fixed in Photoshop, you could save yourself a lot of time taking the picture "right" the first time.

Do any of you have great photography tips?

4 little remarks:

CJ said...

Too many to mention, hmph. I did just post a new photo, though: (shameless self-promotion). :)

Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

Thanks for the link! :-)

Painty (aka Melinda) said...

Really? You saw someone draw the blinds so they could use the flash? That is too funny. I am an artist, but only an o.k. photographer, but using natural light? I thought that was a given. Unless you are going for some cool weird effect with the flash. anyway. Did that sound mean? Happy photoshooting!

Emily S said...

My neighbor has been taking a photography class at Taylorsville High, and she loves it. She's good, too. I don't know how much it costs, but you should look into it.

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