Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ellas Baptism

Our niece got baptized this weekend. Ella we're so proud of you!

Isn't she adorable? Rambunxious and a little crazy...bud adorable. Plus she thinks I'm way cool which means I think she's way cool. We got her these as a baptism present and they were a big hit. I recommend them to any of you who may need a baptism gift for someone.

Here's a picture of Ella with her parents. We love spending time with their family [Sidenote: doesn't Joanna look great here? She's had 5 children and still looks fabulous].

And I just love this picture of Ella. I think she felt really special on her baptism day. Such a beautiful and sweet girl. [p.s she thinks she wants like 10 kids. it makes me laugh. such dreams -- 10 kids! wow]

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