Friday, November 28, 2008

Flashback Friday: We Tiled A Bathroom

I feel like even though we did this before I made my 104 in 104 list it should count. We helped tile a bathroom floor, without any experienced adult help (aka parents). Okay so we called our parents a time or two and Joe had previously tiled one tiny bathroom floor. But the point is that Helena, Joe and I tiled their bathroom floor (previously it had carpet, yuck). I forgot about these photos because they were on my old camera. I gave the camera to Helena and she discovered the pics, so here we are. Evidence of our awesomeness.

Joe: operator of the tile saw. It was LOUD.

On the diagonal, because laying regular tile wasn't hard enough (I pushed for the diagonal, it looks better than straight, trust me)

Evidence of how smoky it made Helena's house

I was seriously panicked that mixing this cement in the tub was going to lead to clogged drains, it did not. Phew.
Helena, I hope you don't mind this picture. This is Helena screwing down the board...uh I can't remember what it's called, but it goes down before tile.
Helena, she's handy.
Her bedroom was covered in dust, insane amounts of dust.
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And, after many hours of labor, here's the beauteous floor.

Oh yeah and evidence I did more than take pictures. And that I didn't do my hair.

Can you believe we did this?

So, I'm feeling rather extreme lately...tiling floors, sewing cloth diapers, making my own stockings, homemade rolls and pies. Just let me tell you that all these projects come at a cost, you should see the disaster that is my house. My husband loves me and cleaned most of it this morning when he couldn't sleep. I love him.

2 little remarks:

Ali said...

Nice work! I am exited to see the fruits of your other laborers, the cloth diapers, stockings, etc :) And now you have me selfishly hoping my hubby can't sleep tomorrow morning and will clean my house!

*Liese said...

So pretty! I love when tile is turned on the diagonal. I actually want to do that in my kitchen...Hmmm....Planning a trip to S.G. soon?? ;)

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