Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We took progressively less photos throughout the day. The first collage is at my mom's, the second at Joe's family's. We took no pictures at dad's (sad).

From left to right, top then bottom:
1. Me making rolls. I've been making them for a long time. Terrible for you, but delicious. 2. Mom and Sam cooking. 3. Mom making her stuffing, amazing. 4. Guzel may be a small girl but she can sure put away fruit salad, it's covering half her plate. 5. Best recent picture Joe and I have of us. Thanks for taking it mom. 6. Me hanging with my favorite little brother. 7. Talking with Grandma Madsen--she's spunky and so smart, sure love her.
Joe's family, pictured here are like a 10th of us. 1. Sausha/Maya, Joe, and Gretel. 2. Just Maya. 3. Robert and Ethan prep some pies. 4. Gretel and Gerald made pumpkin juice and served it in a pumpkin---I feel very Harry Potter-esque having tasted pumpkin juice.

We had a lovely holiday. Few photos=much relaxing and chatting with family. It's so nice to be near our family for the holidays.

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