Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I did something patriotic yesterday

...and I'm not talking about voting [ oh but I did that too....still smiling since the dems didn't get a filibuster proof majority and many of my candidates -- both republican and democrat -- won].

No, I'm talking about how my patriotism let me to go and spent some money. On clothing. That's my way of helping the economy.

We went jean shopping for me (ugh...none found) and ended up getting a sweater for Joe for our family photo. If your husband needs a sweater check out Old Navy where these sweaters were on sale for $15.

He looks so cute in it too.

4 little remarks:

Aliese said...

Love the sweater. I'm definitely going to go lookin'!

Luthi said...


Angie said...

Good for you. Jean shopping and swimsuit shopping are the 2 worst forms of shopping in the world. I hate jean shopping. Better luck next trip.

Jess said...

Jean shopping is a nuisance and definitely not as fun as shoe shopping.
But way to do your part on stimulating the economy!

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