Saturday, November 15, 2008

I love Numb3rs

Have you seen the TV show Numb3rs? It's on CBS on Fridays, so probably not. A lot of us are out and about on Fridays. Good thing you can watch it online, here.

I'm totally addicted. It's like a crime show with mathematic diagnostics--thing CSI with math. Game theory, trajectories...all the cool math stuff.
I never minded math much in school because I was good at it, though I like social studies better. When I got to calculus I was really challenged in math for the first time. We had a love hate relationship, calculus and I. Hate because I had to work so much harder. Love because I finally understood how they derived the formula for finding the volume of a sphere (amazing!!). Math finally applied to real life.

Strangely, when I got to college I didn't take math. With my AP credit I was not required to take any math in the 3 1/2 years I spent there and I was so turned on by world affairs that I never even considered a math double major. I took a political science statistics class my last semester and decided it was my favorite class --- politics + math= my dream class.
So, now I'm left wondering why I didn't just double major in math...or how much it would cost to go back and get a masters in stats or's no surprise that regression and game theory were my favorite classes at OSU.

So I LOVE math. TV+Math is good. Numb3rs is good. It makes me feel like I'm somewhat smart for understanding what they are talking about---and makes me wish I had PhD level math skills to do my own diagnostic modeling for the FBI. Hey, I'm only 24, there's still time. Maybe once my kids are in school I can go back...for now I'll put Numb3rs on my laptop and mop my kitchen floor.

That's right. I lead a very exciting life.

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Scarehaircare said...

I"m lousy at math. I REALLY hate math (and I'm dreading my math placement test I have to take soon). But I like NUMB3RS. We DVR that show every week.

Felicity said...

I love TV online.

And I love this show. I can't help but think of him as the "main elf" on The Santa Clause though. Hmm...

Aliese said...

I definitely enjoy the show.

Emily S said...

I like the show but seldom get a chance to watch it. Did you know people have made lesson plans for junior high/high school classes to go along with the Numb3rs epiodes? It's true, so if you really want to get into the math, I can find it for you. Just have to throw in my soap box - the reason why so many kids hate math is because it's taught poorly.

Charayne said...

Uh, not so much on the math thing, but Tony and I watch numbers (we don't have much to do on Friday's or there's always Tivo?) We really like it. Two thumbs up, oh and we STILL need to get together.

Painty (aka Melinda) said...

Wow, all these years and I never knew you had this secret love for math. As much as I miss school sometimes- and I really do -I celebrate the fact that I never have to take another math class for the rest of my life. Although I do miss those midday math class naps.

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