Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving is Upon Us

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I like Thanksgiving. It's a happy holiday. Hang out with your family and eat until you are delirious. It gets tricky now that I'm married and have THREE families to see. Luckily my dad is okay with us just coming over for pie -- because seriously, TWO gigantic meals in one day has me a little stressed out and a third would put me over the top.

So here's my Thanksgiving weekend plans:

Wednesday night: make an apple pie complete from scratch, make roll dough--put it in the fridge, go to the grocery store and get the rest of the fixings for a salad, pick up the house, etc...

Thursday: start the day with a jog to rev up that metabolism for all the eating, shower and head over to my mom's where I'll roll out the roll dough and let it rise, play games, eat one dinner--focusing on portion control and skip the pie here so as to save room for later. Leave mom's around 4:30 and head to Ryan and Sausha's for Joe's family dinner. Chase nieces and nephews around, visit with family, eat another dinner -- more small portions, eat a sliver of my apple pie. Then around 7:30ish head over to my dad's and eat another slice of pie, socialize. Head home and collapse from exhaustion.

Friday: Finish our Christmas shopping, we don't have much left. Also, pick up a Christmas tree, decorate said Christmas tree, more cleaning of the house...eating leftovers...relaxing. Maybe a second jog if i happened to eat gigantic pieces of pie---which is definitely possible.

Saturday: sewing marathon! Helena and I are finishing those 66 cloth diapers if it's the last thing we do. Its been a long haul but they are so cute. I'll post some pictures when we are all done. Somewhere in here I have to prepare a primary lesson since I now teach the 7 year olds at church.

Sunday: Go to church. Relax and glory in the fact that I have nothing else that I have to do.

It's going to be exhausting, but delightful. and I plan on listening to plenty of FM 100 to get me in the holiday mood and loving all the relax-away-from-work-hang-out-with Joe time that the holidays bring.

What are your holiday plans?

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Sarah Flib said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. We'll be heading up to Preston for the festivities and it should be a grand time. We usually spend Wednesday evening making pies--I'm the lemon meringue specialist at my house. My favorite part is, of course, Thanksgiving dinner, although I'm afraid I won't be able to eat as much as I want this year because Baby Peris is crowding out my stomach space. You know how much I love eating, though, so I'm sure I'll find a way.

*Liese said...

Sounds busy! We're spending Thanksgiving this year with my family (in the WJ), then cutting Christmas Trees (which should make the 4-hour drive home VERY interesting!!!), shopping (no doubt), and lots of eating. We've been trying to switch off every other major holiday with family but it's getting difficult seein' as how Darrin's family doesn't go all out for holidays and mine does. Plus, it seems the only time we both have off work (to travel north) is over a holiday break.

Kacey said...

wow! that is a whirlwind of a thanksgiving!
brandon and i will head up to idaho to my parents' house on wednesday afternoon...make pies and deviled eggs.
thursday we'll help cook and clean in the morning. then some extended family will come over for an afternoon feast!
friday is up in the air...i dunno what the fam has planned...
saturday we'll drive back down to utah and go to a concert of handel's messiah. we're pretty excited.
then sunday is church and christmas decorating!!! we're just doing our own thing for christmas, so were trying to make it special for just the 2 of us :)

Scarehaircare said...

Maybe do appys at one, main meal at another and pie at Uncle K's? Or offer to meet for bfast the next day?

Things got so hectic when we lived there that we do Christmas Eve with my parents and Christmas Day with Mr. Wonderful's family.

Three would be really hard.

bcorrales said...

Our first holiday alone, just the 3 of us!!! I'm so excited, I could even do nothing if I wanted.
Sounds crazy busy for you. I just finished making a bunch of pie crust if you want to come by and pick up a couple.

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