Sunday, November 9, 2008

Things that made me happy on Saturday...

Saturday was a good day. Productive, which is the measure of a good Saturday.

I got up. Read some blogs and planned my grocery list using the ads that came in the mail and the pinching your pennies website --and my fabulous grocery list. I have a system, as mentioned here.

I picked up around the house. Still not perfectly clean, but cleaner, which is good.

Made lunch for me and Joe to use up the last of the leftovers from this recipe. I'm always proud when I remember to use all of the leftovers and nothing goes to waste.

Went grocery shopping (notice the full cupboard...the freezer is packed too). This was a major feat. Our cart was full. I warned Joe it was going to be pricey, but that's okay because we were getting lots of deals that would last for many many weeks, months in some cases (because we don't run through dish soap in a week). The total at Smiths came to $92-something...and the amazing news is...drumroll....that we saved $68 dollars! I took a picture of my receipt because I was so proud. Thank you coupons, thank you pinching your pennies, thank you organized grocery list.

We also saved about 50% at Albertsons.

And I bought 2 reusable grocery bags....I have four now. [Well on my way to completing #58: Switch over completely to reusable grocery bags -- did you know some grocery stores give you a credit for bringing your own??]
And we dropped by Target for fun and picked up $3 worth of adorable gift wrap and some other clearance items (Joe got a $0.50 dark chocolate bar, which made his day).

And we also stopped at the asian market to get an item. Unfortunately you have to use cash or spend $10+ so we walked out with this giant number....

what? you don't read Chinese.....

It's hoisin sauce. For the pork tenderloin we're having for dinner (thanks for the recipe Lena) and to use later this week for this recipe.

Then Helena came over and we worked on the cloth diapers some's endless. But they are super cute. Can't wait to post a picture of the 66 diapers we'll end up with (!!!).

Then we went downtown to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for Grandma Madsen's 90th birthday bash. She's the sweetest and sassiest 90 year old I know. Love her!

2 little remarks:

Ali said...

Talk about a productive day!! I am exited to see the fruits of your labors in the cloth diaper crafting department :)

Charayne said...

I have a few websites that is all about food storage and saving money. We will have to get together and collaborate!

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