Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Else I'm Getting for Christmas

I'm only quasi-high maintenance. I like nice things...but at least I don't make Joe guess what I want. Plus I haven't gotten my hair cut since March or colored since July I'm not really high maintenance. Macy's is having a very nice sale right now....too bad the Martha Stewart bedding I want is still outrageously expensive, even on sale.

Luckily these trivet's are down to $7.99 from $14.99. Find them at Macy's. I originally saw them on Nicole Hill's blog....hyperlink's not working I'll just tell you, it's
Anyway I told Joe I want on in each color. I already have some red stuff in the kitchen and I've decided that this red and blue combo is one of my favorites.

Also at Macy's I found this cute knife and cutting board set, down from $39.99 to $14.99. We have ghetto cheap knives from Big Lots, which I've been slowly supplementing. My grandma gave me a Cutco she found at the Good Will that's pretty good, but needs sharpening. And I inherited another one from a friend. But I could add a nice paring knife and santoku...they'll have to do til I can afford that Wusthof.

I hope you all get exactly what you want for Christmas. I'm just grateful that $100 is going a lot further this year than in years past. Fun, fun fun.

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Aliese said...

Those trivets are beautiful! I really like them.

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