Saturday, December 13, 2008

104 in 104 Goes Crazy

So lately I've been busy. Okay I'm always busy. But I've been busy lately with very fun things.

#28 Make our Own Christmas Stockings
I posted about this the other day, but I wanted to post photos. 2 are completely done, the rest are in various stages of done-ness. Total I'm making 3 red, 3 white. What do you guys think?

#58 Switch over completely to reusable grocery bags.
I have 7 or 8 now, which should be plenty. I might buy one or two more. One of them is thermal -- did you know they have thermal ones? For your ice cream/pizza/juice/meat. This is great because sometimes I want to do two stores at once and even if the second trip is going to be only like 10 minutes, I worry about leaving meat in the car. This way I can bring an ice pack and make that second quick trip. :)

#85 Buy a Pair of David Kahn jeans
Call me silly, but these are amazing jeans. So amazing they belong on the list. And they are usually too pricey for me. But I bought some this week at Motif, located at Gardner Village.

Motif is shutting down (but may reopen later at a different location). The entire store is 40% off so things are a steal and they have adorable clothes & jewelry at all sorts of prices.

How this all came about: The other night we had a get together with some of the girls that grew up on my street: Nikki, Shari, Tami, Melanie, Valerie, Stacie, and me (Charayne, we missed you!). After hanging out at Nikki's with some treats we headed over to Motif (which Stacie manages). Stacie let us in after hours so it was just us girls on a shopping spree---so girly and very fun. Jeans were exchanged: "These don't fit me, you should try them on!" Advice was handed out: "Oh yeah, that looks good" and ", those make your hips look bigger and I don't think that's what you're going for". And there was much excitement "can you believe how cheap this is!?" Needless to say, we all headed out the door with a big bag of very discounted merchandise. You should all head over before they close at the end of the month -- if for nothing else, you should pick up some discounted Downeast camis and tees. I got like 5.

Me and Val, isn't she cute?

Stacie (the most fashionable of us all), Shari, and Tami

So there you go, I've now completed 8 things on my list of 104 in 104 and it's only been 10 weeks since I started, so I'm doing okay. It makes me happy to complete things on my wish list. It makes me do things I always mean to do but might not every get around to them if I didn't write them down and blog about it. So thanks for reading it and helping me be accountable. If you want to see the original list (and maybe suggest a few more!?) you can find that here.

6 little remarks:

Brooke said...

I think it's awesome you're doing so many things on your list. I was reading the other day in Preach my Gospel and it talked about setting and achieving goals, so at the end of your life you don't look back and see that you accomplished very little. So you're my hero! Maybe I'll start a list soon. I have a list for the beginning of the week of what i want to accomplish like laundry, clean out cupboards, visit this person, etc, but nothing huge. Anyway, it looked like you had a fantastic time on your excursion- and I think I even have that same shirt you had on- we'll have to wear it matching one day. :) Sorry about the pinecone link not working. When I put it there I checked it and it was open and accepting new people, but then I guess it got pulled sometime yesterday. I'll email you when I hear about a new opening for them- they're really random.

Kaela said...

Congrats on your jeans and your stockings turned out absolutely adorable!!

Mandi said...

Anna, I think your stockings are adorable; such foresight, to make 6 at a time! :)

Ali said...

I love those stockings- very classy, yet festive. LOVE it!

Mike and Connie said...

Anna, the going green grocery bags are great...I just find that I forget to bring them with me and if I am buying new ones each time I shop...dah...

I have even tried putting them in the van prior to shopping and I still forget them in the van ... maybe in time I will get better, who knows...

Anna said...

I hear ya on the remembering the bags thing, i really think it's just a habit. We're working on it too.

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