Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Letter!!!

So I didn't get around to sending out Christmas cards this year....a combination of the fact that I decided to save some money by not doing family pictures this year (I think we'll do them in the spring) and I couldn't deal with gathering addresses. So I'm copying my friend Kacy and doing the letter as a post on my blog.

Here's what we've been up to.

January: Started my second quarter of graduate school....waded through game theory and regression and reading reading reading; hanging out with the Beazers---our favorite neighbors thus far; and continuing to explore Columbus. Joe was working like a madman trying to build up clientele for his financial planning business and missing his friends and clients here in Utah.

February: I was enjoying my Stampin Up club and making new friends at church and loving my graduate school friends as we bonded over more stats, more game theory and MORE endless reading. Joe and I were making it to the gym fairly often...even on Friday nights....

March: March was crazy. Joe went to a convention for work in California, Columbus got over a foot of snow, and I continued in school....until one night I had an epiphany and dropped out of graduate school. It sounds sudden but it was a good decision. The rest of the month was spent packing up our things & dreading telling our favorite neighbors, new friends, and my professors that instead of living in Columbus for 6 years we were leaving after 7 months. The rest of the month was filled with a demoralizing job hunt and working at a hotel taking reservations (that's what PhD dropouts do to pay the bills my friends). We moved into grandma's house with my brother and sister-in-law---a move that was supposed to be temporary but lasted 9 months.

April: Getting settled in Utah. Joe was so so happy to be back working with his old friends and a clientele that for some reason was just better for him. I was hating job hunting...but doing it. Interviewing here and there......and doing random projects in between.

May: After a little mix up where I thought I got denied my dream job, I actually got it! Hooray for good jobs. I now work as a research associate in the department of political science. Joe kept working like a maniac. We planted a garden, I continued in my craftiness, and we enjoyed getting together more and more with family and friends (truly one of the best parts of being back in Utah)

June & July: We spent a lot of time outside, and with friends and family, and nothing truly remarkable happened. I went on two business trips back east, which was exciting. It was a great summer---I long for those sunny bike rides and fresh tomatoes. Oh and in July I finally overcame my hatred of jogging, which was actually really fun. I'm jumping back on the jogging train next week---SO EXCITED!

We went on a trip to Michigan with my family. Oh and stopped in Chicago on the way and went on an architecture cruise, which was awesome. Michigan was beautiful. We also helped friends tile a bathroom. We continued gardening (and reaping the rewards). And work, work, work.

We went on a retreat to Park City with Joe's work friends. Also, after 92 years of a wonderful life my dear grandma passed away and rejoined grandpa in heaven. Her funeral was a sweet experience and living in her home has taught me many lessons about frugality and hard work. I love my grandma.

In October we began working on our 104 in 104, which has been so fun and rewarding, I highly recommend setting little goals like this to help force you to do the things you keep meaning to start but never get around to. Along those lines, October was also the month the cloth diaper sewing adventure began, and it just kept going and going and going.

November & December:
The past few months have been fun filled and hectic. With prepping for the holidays combined with the regular daily grind of commuting 45 minutes each way and trying to eat healthier and finish projects and clean the house and go to parties, visiting 3 families...and, and and... know how it goes.

So this year has been a little hectic. But in a mostly good way. We hope yours has been equally stellar, if not more so. I sure do love reading your blog and hope mine doesn't bore you too much.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all the peace and joy that can be part of this season.


Joe & Anna

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Steve Weller said...

How are you at HTML, etc? That is what I used to do the drop down boxes on my blog. If you want I can email you the code- just let me know.

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