Friday, December 5, 2008

Date Night at Walmart -- That's Hot

Tonight for the majority of date night we ate dinner with some old friends of Joe's (and new friends of mine!) and it was very lovely. Antoinette and I discovered toward the end that we both are fans of cloth diapering --- for me in theory and for her in practice. She's also a nurse and I learned all sorts of fascinating things from her tonight. Have I mentioned that I like interesting people?

Anyway, then we went to Walmart to pick up my very first "Site to Store" purchase. I'm a big fan. Walmart has tons more items online, but I don't have to pay shipping. I think this is brilliant. So after wandering through the craft and sewing section (with Joe trying to entertain himself while I browsed---what a romantical date night) and a detour to customer service, I then picked up my brand new....

RUBBERMAID TUPPERWARE!!!! I was so giddy. Sad, but true. But look how beautiful it is.
I won't extol all its lovely features, you can read more about the details and other customers' reviews here. But I'm a huge fan of the lid attaching to the bottoms of the container and to other lids. Losing lids to tupperware is very frustrating. Especially when I'm making such an effort to take leftovers to work so I don't have to eat out.

It's in the dishwasher as we speak...I'm feeling rather pathetic and victorious for my love of my new tupperware. Half of me says "who thought you'd see the day when tupperware was the highlight" and the other half of me is saying "yay!!!!! organized pretty storage, yay yay yay!"

3 little remarks:

*Liese said...

I concur that lost tupperware lids is a pain. I like your new stuff though! And don't think of it being pathetic, think of it as a brand new grown-up toy!

Rachel said...

I like how the title of this post includes the phrase "that's hot." You are hot, Anna! miss you!

Lee and Marie said...

I share your love of tupperware actually! I have this tupperware - got my collection at Costco! I LOVE it - you might want to check out the ones at Costco - it comes with more and its only 19.99 or 19.95, I just know it was under 20. I LOVED throwing away all my other tupperware and replacing it all with these. Enjoy!

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