Monday, December 22, 2008

Free Concert...You really should come

My husband is amazing.

A few weeks ago he and some other men got together to form a sextet. They had a gig singing at a company Christmas party and, if I must say so myself, they rocked it. My husband's singing was particularly hot, and awesome, and he's amazing....and I'm sure many of the teenage girls at that party were disappointed to see he was wearing a wedding ring.

Anyway, so they decided that one concert was not enough to showcase their miraculous talent. They did spend a lot of hours rehearsing and sounded quite good. So if you want to stretch the Christmas spirit a few days longer, we'd like to invite you to a free Christmas concert (consider it our Christmas spirit to you!! Feel the love)

So it's this Sunday, the 28th of December at 7:30 at Hale Center Theater in West Valley. Why @ Hale? Because they are just that good that's why (uh, er, or the fact that one of the guys in the group works there, you decide... :)

They are actually really good. It's free, there are free refreshments and I will be there in all my holiday splendor to be your friend and point you in the direction of the free cookies. Let me know if you can make it (especially you Aliese since the snow kept you from the party on Friday)

2 little remarks:

*Liese said...

AWESOME! I just have to remember to come... :)

Steve Weller said...

I would've loved to have come! We missed our voicemale concert when Kristen got sick, but what can you do? I'm getting a few of the teachers at the middle school where I teach to get some songs together, and hopefully we can have some fun with that. We did a surprise number at the school talent show earlier this month, and the kids thought it was the most unbelievably cool thing their teachers had ever done!

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