Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I like cool parents, also crafty parents, also cool and crafty parents who blog so I can copy them

Gabrielle Blair "Design Mom" appears to be a very fun mom from what I can see on her blog.

How much do I love this post today about having your kids MAKE gifts for each other for Christmas. Someday when I grow up and have kids we're totally doing this. The stuff kids can afford to buy for eachother is often cheap and cluttery. I'd much rather have them each do a project that could be useful. Check it out, very cute ideas.

Sure it'll be time consuming. But it'll be fun.

I'm also brainstorming a craft project to do with my nieces over Christmas, anyone have good ideas? It must be cheap, easy, not require too many supplies and do-able by a broad range of ages. I'm thinking of doing this garland.

My neices could each make their own for their bedroom and I can make one to use to decorate for birthdays at our's bright, colorful, and reusable. Much preferable to paper streamers I think. You can find the instructions at the link above. :) So cute.

So what do you think? If you were a mom and your sister-in-law helped your daughters make a garland like this would you feel like it was cluttering up your house? I don't want my sister in law's to be like "ahhh this garland will never go away because my daughter insists on keeping it." I think it's cute though.

Let me know.

2 little remarks:

Jessie said...

I think it's way cute (but does look like a lot of work...) and would look adorable strung across my girl's windows. You're welcome to borrow my girls for such crafts anytime you want. :)

Another craft I think would be fun and not too expensive (depending on how many nieces you have, of course) would be painting wooden coat racks--the kind that hang on your wall--Michaels or Roberts (can't remember which) has them for cheap, you'd just have to get them and the paint/supplies...not too bad, and definitely useable. I also LOVE the letters my mother-in-law did for Breanne's name--instead of just painting them, she used scrapbook paper and modpodge (or whatever that stuff's called...), and they are SO cute, and apparently pretty easy. You can see them here. (hopefully that tag worked...) Of course they don't have to be such large letters, there are much cheaper smaller ones, too, which would be equally cute. Even if you just painted them. I hope you post what crafts you do--we're always looking for new things to do and try over here. Good luck!

Emily S said...

The garland is cute, but I wouldn't say it involves multiple ages. I wouldn't let anyone under the age of 5 near a needle. I'd say if I gave the project to my K class 1 out of 50 kids could do it. A lot of fine motor skills. Only half of kindergarteners can put fruit loops on yarn quickly. If you have an activity days type crowd, they would like it, and their mom could throw it away when it gets in the away. (After a few years and a picture.)

Josh got his cousins foam visors with foam markers and foam stickers to decorate them. It was his choice to buy. Great project because it's open-ended and lets their creativity shine. It's hard to have small children do any project where there is a certain expected outcome because they won't be able to do it a lot of the time, and it's frustrating. Any way, just giving 10 cents. The parents will bless your dear soul for entertaining the children.

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