Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sewing Stockings

I've been sewing stockings....6 of them....I started out sewing some to look like this using this pattern, slightly adjusted and without the lining (aka lots easier). But then today I saw this stocking on this blog and decided to change my plans and copy the felt "flowers" on this stocking but I ended up doing my in varying sizes and in the same color as the stocking itself. Luckily I'd only sewn the main stocking body (4 of them down, 2 to go) and clipped the edges with pinking shears. So I spent the evening cutting and sewing them together and I've not attached one set of flowers of them to a stocking. It's pretty darn cute for how cheap.

Get excited, they are gorgeous. And cheap. And the felt is made from recycled bottles (I didn't seek it out, apparently this is just the type of cheap felt Joann's carries), which I think is cool.

Oh and in case you are wondering why I'm sewing 6 stockings....well I've decided that 4 kids is my max (not min, I said MAX) and thus I might as well make all 6 stockings at once, while I'm at it. Because, as Joe put it, you don't want one child always feeling like no one planned on them because their stocking doesn't match. Really, I just know it would make me insane if the red felt on child one's stocking didn't match the red felt on child two's stocking. I'm a little (okay a lot) OCD.

And now, my bed is calling my name.

4 little remarks:

Emily S said...

Does this mean I should make 14 stockings?

Tannie Datwyler said...

You crack me up about the 4 kids. My minimum is 4 kids (we are in the 4-6 range), but I guess that's kind of to be expected since I came from a big family. Who knows though, maybe I'll only have 3 and you'll have 5 - you NEVER know what is going to happen. :) I love that you are sewing stockings (and making so many matching is a great idea).

*Liese said...

I have to agree about the matching stockings. Way to plan ahead!

emily said...

I'm in love with the stockings. Holy cow, they are perfect. You've inspired me, yet again.

p.s. we really would have been great roomates. Four is my maximum too, I think.

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