Monday, December 29, 2008

Victory!!! Or Not...

Good news: I went jogging on my "lunch" break today. With my new music, and new shoes.

Bad news: I forgot that my ipod armband has a spot for my key and thus tied it in my shoelaces---a not infrequent occurrence for me. However, my shoe came untied on lap one and no matter how much i scanned for it as I ran around the track I could not find it.

Good news: I work, and therefore run, at BYU and odds are someone will find my key and return it to the lost and found. I like those good, honest, BYU types.

Bad news: I have to get back to work now.

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*Liese said...

BAH! I think I may win the honorable mention for the Worst Friend Ever Award. We were busy playing games with my family and I spaced Joe's concert (about 20 minutes after 7). Anyway, I apologize profusely and hope it went well. I'm still jealous that you can somehow enjoy running and be motivated to do so; maybe one day I will be that way. **sigh**

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