Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happiness is....

  • Waking up without feeling like I got hit by a truck. Getting up lately has been hard, today it was easier. I'm happy.
  • Taking the bus to work...and reading all along the way. Today I was reading this book, you should too. Fascinating and a quick read to boot. Very enjoyable and enlightening.
  • Happiness is also finding good looking holiday greeting cards for 90%+10% off at the BYU Bookstore. 90% of because that's what they were, 10% after that because of my employee discount. Result, I got cards that were $11.99 for $1.20 a for a box of ten. Or $0.12 each. Next year I'll pop in a photo with some photo corners and write a lovely note. In case you were curious, I got two boxes of the cards pictured here, upper left, the green one (and some Santa cards, not pictured here, but very cute). (image via here). You really should consider buying your Christmas cards now, when they are cheap cheap cheap. Wrapping paper too. And decorations or ornaments, though I'm not big on having tons of those around.
  • Happiness is also working at a job I like, which I'm going to do now.

I love when my day starts off happy. What's making you happy today?

3 little remarks:

*Liese said...

I am happy today because it's the Weekend's Eve! I always tell myself I can get through Thursdays (they're VERY LONG with work from 7-3:30 and class from 4-8) knowing that the weekend is right around the corner.

Alex and Katie said...

Happiness is David Bowie's "Let's Dance" on the radio. Pretty sure if you were to rearrange the letters in David Bowie's name, it would spell happiness

DP said...

Happiness is not feeling like I want to jump in front of a bus. I really prefer the MPA program to law school!

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