Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Okay, I Changed My Mind

I like new years. I like thinking about new things, new phases, out with the old and in with the new and all that.

So with this new year and time of reflection, can I just share with you something I have found to often be true in life? Okay, great, I will. It's this: change is good. It's so so good. Particuarly change within myself. Changing my mind resolutely has brought me so much relief and excitement and happiness and peace. So many of us hold on to our old ways of doing things---stuck in the path we are in because it is easier or at the very least, familiar. But for me, some of the most satisfying experiences I have had involve change.

In fact, if I were to give myself a mantra for my life it would be:

"It's okay, I changed my mind."

For example, on some bigger things:

  • I thought I wanted to get my PhD and be a professor, but it's okay I changed my mind
  • I used to see motherhood as something I would fit in with my career---now that perspective has somewhat reversed, a change in perspective I find remarkable, but refreshing
  • I thought I didn't want to marry I called off our engagement...and then I woke up out of my senseless stupor and changed. my. mind. Hallelujah! Have you met him, he's wonderful.
  • I used to think love and happiness in marriage was largely dependent on picking the perfect person....but now I've changed my mind (and the secret, I've decided, is commitment and choosing to love that person through the highs and lows--- oh and picking someone who is truly committed and your best friend also helps)

And on some smaller things:

  • I thought I hated bell peppers, but it's okay, I changed my mind---bring on the red peppers in particular
  • I didn't used to think I wanted a huge stone in my wedding ring (over 1 carat)....but I obviously changed my mind
  • I hated running, and delightfully I changed my mind
  • I thought I preferred political science to math...not so much. I like political science, but I like it more when I get to use math. So I majored in political science, but now I've changed my mind....woops, since I already graduated.
  • I used to love traditional scrapbooking, the digital age of photobooks has most definitely changed my mind. Now all those materials are really just "card-making supplies"

And that's just a few, because I change my mind a lot. And usually it's a good thing.

But on a slightly different note, there are some things on which I changed my mind/habits that perhaps I'm less happy with myself about....and while they are not to be listed here, the beauty is that it's okay for me to change my mind again. And I will. Some things will be changed in this new year and some might not change until later (I'm not superwoman after all). But all in all I'm very very excited about changing my mind, changing my spirit, and just changing myself overall.

What have you changed your mind about? Or what will you change this year? I'm so excited about the changes 2009 will bring for me and for Joe and I'd love to hear about yours.

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Brooke said...

I also am so glad you changed your mind about Joe- he is FANTASTIC! We love you guy.
I have changed my mind about work. I used to hate full time work- but now it's not so bad, and so if I ever had to go back to full time work I don't have to be scared of it.
Good post, good thoughts, thanks!

Jess said...

I change my mind a lot, too. Like the time I changed my mind and decided that Brad and I weren't just friends after all...

Change is good.

Ali said...

Funny you posted this...I was just telling Jeff the other night "it's ok to change your mind!" ...and I know I need to tell myself this some too- I think many of us too often get caught up in the idea that if we once decide something, we absolutely have to stick with it- but you're so totally right- change can be GOOD!

*Liese said...

I can totally echo the majority of your "mind-changing" experiences! Isn't it great? I will say though, it makes me feel bad for politicians who change their minds; apparently, they're not allowed to. That was random!

Kacey said...

i wanted to teach elementary art...then i changed my mind. and i got a job teaching high school.

i didn't want to date brandon...then i changed my mind. and married him.

i didn't ever want to have short hair...then i changed my mind. and chopped it all off (and LOVE it).

i didn't want to have a car payment...then my car died (and figured it would be easier to pay for now while we have no kids and two incomes), so i changed my mind. and i got a new one.

i didn't like animal prints AT ALL...then i changed my mind. and bought the cutest cardigan.

i didn't like blue and black together...then i changed my mind. and i think black with cobalt looks great.

it's okay, we all change our mind...all the time!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

You. Are. So. Cool. That's not something I had to change my mind about--I've known it all along :)

Jessie said...

I love this post. I can't count the number of times I've changed my mind, even about serious things. And I love how many of us weren't going to marry our husbands, and then did... I was the same way. I told my roommate I was dating Cory just for fun... but then I changed my mind. I, too, was going to do the grad school thing and just fit kids in later, but I changed my mind. I thought I hated staying home and doing housework, but I changed my mind. And it's all not just ok--it's great!

And we still need to get together sometime--maybe we should do it over here, since we're the ones with the two kids, and you commute down here all the time (and are moving down here? maybe?). Send me an email or a fb message or something, and we'll work out a time. I look forward to meeting this Joe person.

Emily S said...

I think if we don't change our minds every now and again it means we are being a little close-minded and not growing at all. And I did the work/baby thing . . . refreshing for some reasons, but for the most part -yuck.

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