Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Joe, do not read this post...I MEAN IT!!

Okay with that said and just in case Joe is reading...stop it now...seriously Joe, no peeking.....I have a great idea for you all to do for your awesome amazing husbands (I read all about him on your blog, and I'd love to read on your blog about the best valentine's of your life).

Check out my cousin Carrie's blog and share all your creative and romantic ideas there (I expect big ideas from you Lynn girls---you are simply the most romantic people I've ever met...it must be genetic).

We're all going to be so romantic, which is good for me, who is usually such a pragmatist. I like romance, but it takes so much planning! Planning! I'm so excited for you! I'm so excited for me! I'm so excited for Joe, it's going to know his socks of with sweetness and thoughtfulness and at least a little dark chocolate.... :)

So this year do the 14 days of Valentines, read more here. And be sure to check out Carrie's posts from last year's Valentines to get a better idea of what she's talking about.

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emily said...

I LOVE it, Anna! I can't wait to get on board. I'm going to brainstorm some great ideas and then post when I have some good ones to share.

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