Monday, February 16, 2009

Evite: Because Party Planning is Stressful Enough

Do you like to throw parties? Some people are born party planners---everything comes together without a hitch and the details are all perfect and everyone has the best time. I, however, get super stressed out about it and think to myself "what was I thinking having a party?!"

So I try to make it as stress free as possible.

One way to make it easier on myself is by using Evite. If you haven't used Evite yet you should check it out. You can use it for big parties or small gatherings, anything you want. The reason I like it most is for the RSVP feature. Getting people to RSVP is difficult---if you send out a card with an email or phone number, maybe a third will RSVP. If you literally email people so all they have to do is hit reply the odds get better. I like evite because it's like an email, but more colorful and fun. Plus your guests can see who else you've invited and who's said they are coming.

Best of all, people tell you how many guests they are bringing with (i.e. me, my husband and our two kids), thus you can know how much food and other party supplies to buy. Or in the case of my Ugly Sweater Christmas party you can start panicking about how all these people are going to fit into your grandmas house...yikes.

So next time you have a birthday party, family party, girls night out, or whatever--use Evite. And thanks to Rachel who introduced me to it back at BYU. I heart you Rachel.


In other news---for the party on Saturday. For those of you bringing little kids (i.e. little people under 6 or 7)--what kind of activity should we have for them to entertain themselves? Coloring? Will you bring your own toys? Should we just let them play tag chasing eachother around the cultural hall? I guess I am not a very good kid entertainer, so shoot me some ideas. I'd appreciate it.

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Jessie said...

Coloring would be great, though honestly, my girls will probably stick by us, with all the noise and new surroundings. It takes Breanne a while to warm up to a new place, and Janey doesn't go too far, anyway. So I wouldn't worry too much about entertainment for them, but a little something would be nice. So excited...!

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