Sunday, February 8, 2009

For Laura: a better dress shot

Laura, since you asked in the comments here are some better pictures of my wedding dress up close.

Sigh. I want to get married again. Correction, I want to have a wedding again.

Oh and since you asked, our photographer is Darla, you can see her blog here. Lately she's been taking some killer baby photographs. lol...I mean killer photographs of babies, not killer baby photographs.

Oh and so here are some better dress shots....anyone got any ideas of excuses where I could wear this beauty again? All of these were taken by our photographer...I think bridals...except the last photo which was taken by my Aunt, who got the best dress shot I could find.

And now, Laura, (and all of you) I'd really like to see wedding photo is Valentine's week after all...

2 little remarks:

Dibble's said...

I'm totally behind in this! But i love your dress! i actually tried that one on! BEAUTIFUL!

Ann said...

Beautiful pictures!! Love their wedding dresses!!

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