Monday, February 9, 2009

Hi new people aka Emily is way too nice

So according to sitemeter a whole lot of new people are visiting my blog just because Emily Dixon wrote this incredibly nice post about me (she must be really popular). That post made me blush and smile and I just want to say, for the record, that Emily looked better than me in that wedding dress, seriously. And also, apparently I'm a maven! I'm telling Joe when he gets home.

So for those of you visiting from Emily's blog, welcome. I hope you come back. And comment. I like comments, they bring me much happiness, especially when they are from random people that I only meet through blogging. How lovely.

I heart Emily, if you don't read her blog, you should---she has a crush on her husband Michael and cooking, in that order. Her cooking blog makes me happy because she has great recipes and leans toward the healthy side (yay).

Emily and I are friends because she quoted Stranger Than Fiction on her cooking blog, she has incredible taste--as evidenced by her choice of wedding dress, and she comments on my blog regularly. Someday, we'll meet in person.

4 little remarks:

Bronwen said...

I'm glad to hear that lots of other people you don't know read your blog, so I feel less weird. I like reading your posts about organization and craftiness. Do you know about Zotero? A great way to organize your web research. Also, do you read - lots of craft and design posts, and a bit of foreign aid as well (check out her Mama to Mama project . . . ) Finally, my friends and I are smitten with smittenkitchen for good recipes :-B - Bronwen, Aldous's friend.

Anna said...

Bronwen, those are great suggestions. I'll check them out. Especially Zotero....I need a better organization system for my projects/web research. I was thinking Microsoft OneNote (which is like a virtual 5 subject notebook like format, I love it) but I'll have to compare to Zotero too.

Bronwen said...

I forgot to say that I'm a librarian, so the Zotero recommendation is a professional one!

Anna said...

You're a librarian? I've always thought that would be a cool job.

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