Thursday, February 5, 2009

I like feeling like a champion

that's why yesterday and today I went and jogged at the BYU track after work.

My legs are so sore---which could have to do with the jogging or me taking the stairs from the fieldhouse to my office 2 at a time....I call them the stairs of death and if you know BYU campus you know why.

But soreness is's that good tingly soreness where I can still move but I'm also suddenly very aware of the many muscles in my legs.

Working out is such an exhilarating feeling. It really does make me happy, which is the main motivation for getting myself out there---though thinking "skinny thighs...skinny thighs...skinny thighs" keeps me going when I want to cave and collapse on the stairs.

And jogging at BYU is great. I see the track stars (literally) jogging past me super speedy and think "wow, they are speedy, jog a little faster so you don't look so slow" and I see mom's with their strollers and I think "you go girl!" and sometimes I jog really fast and pass people which is fun...and then cringe cuz I'm dying before my interval is over.

But most of all I love how when my heart is beating like crazy I think to myself "my heart is so happy, that's what it's trying to tell me, run, RUN, RUN". I must admit, I'm so grateful that I have a body that can run, jump, skip, and do generally whatever I want.

See what I mean, running makes me feel GOOD!

How are your resolutions going? Here we are almost a month and a half into 2009. I'll admit I haven't done that great, but just because you slack a little is no reason to give up completely. Seriously, that's the devil talking, telling you "oh, since you haven't been perfect, why keep trying."

So if you've kept up on your new year's resolutions---way to go!

And if you haven't, I must say, try, try again.

You'll feel so great.

And now I'm taking my sweaty self off to the grocery store (because I have no qualms over looking terrible in public---I am not a makeup to the grocery store type person). I love the grocery store. I'm going to save some money, just in case my exhilaration level now were not enough!

And I'm going to make my husband happy with some chocolate tonight. It's going to be a great night. Watch for the "Days of Valentines #4 and #5" post coming to a blog near you, tonight.

2 little remarks:

*Liese said...

Way to go! I have been doing much better with my gym attendance this year which makes me happy. Also--I'll be chillin' with the 'rents for a week in March, so if you're up for a Gilmore Girls marathon, let me know! :)

Emily S said...

GO ANNA! Finally I have two hands with which to comment. Glad your working out is going well . . . I say make resolutions any time you want to, no need to wait for a new year. So if you mess up, make a March resolution or something. Oh and potty training = headache of my life.

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