Monday, February 16, 2009

My First Poll: Chair Fabric

So, I bought the chairs. Which I'm very excited about. Even though they have some cat hair on them and make me sneeze. Luckily we have an upholstery cleaning machine and I'll be recovering them anyway. the debate about fabric is on. What to do oh what to do. I went to Joann's and looked for that pink coral, apparently they only have it online. But they had the same fabric in black at the store....and it makes me nervous because the coral is a much bigger print than I thought. So, I set aside the pink chair idea (sorry Elizabeth) and now I'm contemplating finally buying some of the Amy Butler Fabric I've been eying (sp?) even though it's not pink and green...

So here are the options. Vote in the poll posted to the right (keep in mind that I have a light tan couch)

Option A

Option B. Two different views. The pattern is kind of bigger so I got a wider shot so you could see more what it looked like across the whole fabric.

Option C:

Pillows out of this:

Chairs themselves out of this

Option D

Option E

So vote away...and clarify your vote in the comments if you please. :)

13 little remarks:

*Liese said...

I love them all, but A and D are my favorites.

Tiff said...

Ok.. I love pink, but I couldn't stand that fabric and didn't have the heart to tell you. But now that it's out of the running, I'm showing my true colors.

Anyway, I love B, but A is cute as well. Not a huge fan of the others.

BTW, you mentioned you were interested in the FHE group, but I never got a comment as to what packets you might like.. let me know soon if you want to order. :)

Kacey said...

option d is my vote.
originally you wanted to do pink and green, right? well you could use option d and still have some pink accessories in the room. and i like the pattern. it's classy.

emily said...

Gah! Sort of entirely in love with the chair fabric D. Love love love.

I must also confess to LOVING the pillow fabric in choice C.

Kimberly said...

D. D. and D.
Can't wait to see the final product.

Brooke said...

You know I don't have much fashion sense- so I vote YOU! O.k. really I just wanted to let you know I didn't vote because I think all of them are awesome- and I don't have a favorite of the bunch- and I don't have the ability to see things before they are created- so I could only see if it didn't work AFTER you covered the chairs, which just won't work- so whatever you choose- I choose.

Lee and Marie said...

I like Option A the best! Good luck :)

henderson said...

I voted Option A because I think it would look really, really nice contrasted with the black in the room. That being said, Option D would be great with black, too, especially if you really want to stick with green and pink.

Good luck!

Meghan said...

I vote Option A! Good luck :)

Kaela said...

For me it totally depends on the other colors you have going on in your living room already, but they all look like great choices and I'm so glad you got the chairs- I love their clean sleek lines! Fun!!!

Mandi said...

I like D with polka-dot pillows; I also like A, but it might turn out too fussy.

Good luck! Thanks for the tip about Ikea.

Becky Knowles said...

So, I'm the odd one out and I love B.

graham and heather said...

I like A, but that is just me. And not that you need more options but just in case you want to look at more cool fabrics, this is a new favorite site of mine. :)

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