Friday, February 20, 2009

Old Navy Crazy Clearance

I'm not a big shopper, but today I stopped by Old Navy on a whim and left with like 8 shirts for less than $25 total, including tax.

All women's and baby's clearance items are 50% off the clearance price. The most expensive item I got was still under $4. And most of them were $2.50. Note that the prices on the website were not as good, so you'll have to stop by the store. Sale ends on the 26th.

Wondering what I got? Here are the ones I was able to find on the website:

but mine is pink (not white)

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Emily S said...

Great tip . . . we'll see if someone let's me out of the house between now and then, I could use some things. Tell Joe Happy Birthday. Hope it's a fun party - too bad Gary is always working and the kids are always sick right now. No one else wants Noah's faux-RSV, I wouldn't think . . .

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