Monday, February 2, 2009

On the Second Day of Valentines....

Two fruit for you and one for me.

After throwing a baby shower for my friend Sarah on Saturday I had leftover sugar cookies so I switched day two and did this instead. It was yummy even if I did put too much milk in the frosting.

Please excuse the terrible lighting....we live in a basement after all. And it's after 9pm anyway.

What's that you say? You want to know what this basement looks like? Oh okay. Well here are some photos (before our stuff was moved in....the after photos to come in a week or two).

Our office/craft room. It's little, but that's okay
Our bathroom. It is TINY. And the washer and dryer are in there too.....oh well--at least we have a washer and dryer! As charming as laundromats are....I like to do my laundry while watching 24...or House...or Chuck...or Grey's Anatomy. So it's small.

At least we finally unpacked our shower curtain because Joe was not having that taking a bath every day thing (in fact, before we found the shower curtain Joe hung up a blue tarp over the shower I said, he was so over taking baths. lol. He's my little Macgyver)
The living room & hallway.
And....the kitchen! (it's really just the other side of the living long room). Look at all those cupboards....and try not to be jealous but I have a ginormous pantry too. :)
Another view of the living room...and proof we do have a couple windows down here.
And I'm too lazy to upload a picture of our bedroom. Lets just say that like the office it is small, has a closet, and one window.

And might I mention that we are so so so incredibly happy to be settled in a semi-permanent place and are working feverishly to unpack all our stuff---for the first time in our marriage---moving three times is not conducive to getting unpacked....this means that in a week or two we'll have completed #50 on our list of 104 in 104. And much to my surprise I completed #84 "Start using a system with coupons" this month. :) Happiness is saving money. Oh and #63 (Joe's 30th birthday party) is in the works too, wanna come?

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Jessie said...

What a cute, fun little basement apartment--we lived in two different basements at the beginning of our marriage, and let's just say they were NOWHERE near as nice as yours looks. Looking forward to more lived-in pics soon. :)

So about this get-together we keep almost planning--we're open most nights, I think you wanted a Friday though--does this Friday work for you? Or next? Because I'm pretty sure we're open. Or if you want to change the night, that's totally fine too. Just lemme know. :)

Sarah Flib said...

Cute apartment. Thanks for posting pictures. And the fruit pizza looks just as delectable as it did on Saturday! That was so much fun.

Brooke said...

Count me in on the Joe's birthday thing. And those sugar cookies look delish! It looks like although you have had to improvise, that it's going to work out great still. You're house looks awesome too! Sorry we had to bail on you last week, it was just some weird random sickness that lasted like two days and now I'm totally better. When can we see you're new place? (I'll try not to get sick this time! :)

Brooke said...

Oh and hooray for moving into a semi-permanent place! We moved 3 times in our first year of marriage too. I was just happy when we bought that house that we wouldn't have to move for at least 2 more years. However now that we have lived here 3 1/2 years, I have forgotten the whole moving process, and am even up for moving soon. Darn these mortal minds that forget so often!

emily said...

Where on earth did you find this place!?! I'm very incredibly jealous. I love it!

The after pictures will be so fun.

Steve Weller said...

Your apartment is way nice. We live in a dorm on Snow College's campus, and they were built a LONG time ago. We're talking carpet over the asbestos tile floors (which they're removing in the summer, thank goodness), old radiator heaters, and wood paneling from floor to ceiling in 80% of the apartment. We decided to paint it last summer to make it a bit more decent, and the kitchen cupboards hadn't been updated since they were installed decades ago until I had a go at them in the fall. This is our 5th apartment since we've been married 3.5 years ago, and hopefully it will be our last apartment before we buy a house. Since we get free rent (because we're the RAs, or the babysitters) while we're students, I'm starting my masters in the summer, and hope to complete it in 2 years. So, if we can make it another 2 years in this place, we could survive anything, right? But yeah. Your place is beautiful.

Anna said...

Seriously Steve, cheap/free rent is the best. Until we buy we plan on staying in our current place. It's nice, but cheap, which we love. :)

emily said...


I can't tell if my comment posted somewhere other than I thought it did, but I LOVE THE PICTURES!

And, yes, I AM jealous of the counter and cupboard space...and pantry *sniff*

Where on earth did you find such a treasure!? We're going to be moving somewhere different in the fall and are so worried we won't be able to find anything.

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