Thursday, February 12, 2009

Opinion: Tell me if I'm

So, I don't know what exactly led me to check KSL classifieds today...perhaps being at my sister-in-law's house last night and being reminded of the amazing deals she's gotten. Then I spotted these chairs and fell in love with them...the orange...isn't it....
hideous? Really, I would not put orange velvety chairs in my living room (I mean I like burnt orange...but not in that fabric). So I'm going to look at them tomorrow. And if I like them I think I'm going to buy them, sand and paint them black....and reupholster in this fabric. Our living room needs some spice. We have a plain tan, very neutral couch. Which is great, but boring.

I haven't told my husband yet. I'll just tell him "Honey you're secure enough in your manhood to have pink chairs in the living room right? That's what I thought, good, because I already bought the fabric"

Really, Joe and I are in serious need of chairs---we eat sitting on our sofa. Our only sofa. And if we have guests over it would be a little awkward to all share the same couch. We do have one low quality black chair from Walmart. Anyway, I've been wanting something...but we're not rich and since I tend to love stuff like this (don't worry they're $165 on sale) we just continue on in our chairless ways. So I'm seriously contemplating this. Both chairs reupholstered should be under $100.

But if I do it, that's a serious commitment to the pink, green, and black color scheme (yes second hand furniture and fabric half off at Joann's is a serious commitment for me).

So what do you think, will they look good? Will they fit in our living room (see post below with pictures of the bookshelf that takes a whole wall and picture with a straight lines tan couch.).

What would you think of someone with pink chairs in their living room? If you came to visit teach and saw that would you think "woah girly" or "wow, that's intense" or "she must really like pink"....I mean really, what do you think.

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Jessie said...

I love the fabric! And while it is perhaps girly, I definitely don't think it's any worse than the floral couches of our mother's living rooms. You know the ones I'm talking about, right? Jungle/Forest greens, burgendy... ugh.

I think that you should definitely do it, if you love it. I'm all about people living in the home they want, regardless of what everyone else thinks. Hence the reason my bathroom is now yellow. :) Good luck, upholstering isn't a project I've tackled yet, but a talent I'd like to learn.

emily said...

I don't think it's Barbie pink. I LOVE the fabric sample, and on a black chair, it would look interesting and classy.

LOVE the idea! If it goes well, let us know and post a tutorial!

Mandi said...

I love the lines of those chairs! They look comfy, with an openness in the arms that's important in a small space like an apartment.

My old next-door neighbor is an Art major at BYU-I, and her home decor was always modern, fresh, and cute. She found an old sofa that has the same look as those chairs and recovered it in a modern take on a damask--big, modern orange print on a white field. It looked adorable! I think you should go for it. Just one thing to think about--green and pink are great for spring and summer, but are you going to be sick of looking at them in fall and winter?

Good luck, and I can't wait to see how they turn out if you decide to purchase the chairs.

PS: I love the bookshelf and mirror. I'm looking for an interesting, large mirror for the part of our living room that doubles as my voice teaching studio--any suggestions? Where did you get yours?

DP said...

My mom has a chair she reupholstered pink. Or maybe it's mauve. I kind of got used to it, but you can ask Sarah what she really thinks of it.

Kacey said...

i think the pattern might be a little drastic for two whole chairs...i could see that fabric used for accent pillows or something, though. could do green chairs and then use that pink patterned fabric as accent pillows for either the chairs or the couch. that might feel less "girly."

just throwing that out there...

Anna said...

such helpful comments, all of you. I'm not wedded to the fabric...I think you might be right Kacey, it might be a bit too much for 2 whole chairs....I'll keep hunting for fabric.

And Mandi--a great place for cheap big mirrors is Ikea. I got my mirror at Pier One but it is smallish. The actual mirror part of it is only 12-15 inches or something. Really, check out Ikea, they have a lot of options.

graham and heather said...

One thing you have to remember when decorating your house and your living room is that if YOU love it then it is perfect. Seriously. I honestly think that the fabric or even something like it would add a great punch of color and be really eye catching. :) Good luck!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Oh, I'll be soooo jealous if you get those beautiful pink chairs in your living room!! Everytime I see a cute pink chair that I want my husband says something like--"Of course you can get it. When you're a widow." So, maybe if Ty sees how cool they are in your living room, he'll realize who cool they'll be in our living room :)

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