Monday, February 23, 2009

Really lovely nursery art made by two really lovely people

There are two girls that were in my ward in Ohio who are both very creative. And they've collaborated on what could be some of my favorite nursery art ever.

I was briefly Eva's visiting teacher and when she told me she had a letterpress and was going to set up shop I thought "oh that's nice she'll do some classy wedding announcements or party invites" but now I realize that I seriously had no idea how talented and successful she is. You can read her blog here. Be sure to check out this post that was really enlightening into why letterpress art is such an incredible feat.

And these prints were designed by Stephanie who has a lovely little blog and one of the cutest children ever. See her blog here and be warned that it will give you craft skills envy.
Anyway here are the prints that I love? Do you want one of your own? I'm really wishing I could justify spending $60 on nursery art for a nursery that could be a long way off...maybe I'll come into some cash by surprise and can justify splurging.

They come in several colors so check them out in the shop here.

3 little remarks:

henderson said...

So, Dave and I were looking through our old high school yearbook, and what did we see....YOU, voted "Class Einstein"!! Just thought your viewing public would like to know that about you. :)

Kaela said...

I love these and love your new blog design!!

Stephanie Ford said...


Thanks for the kind words, and I love your new blog design too! And I am totally envying your crafty skills. I LOVE that felt garland that you made and think I need to make one sooner or later too!


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