Monday, February 9, 2009

Save the Date: Joe's 30th Birthday

Some of you may have already received an email about this...but I'm worried I forgot people on my email so I'm posting here too. Don't be offended if you didn't get the first email, consider this a personal invitation.

My wonderful, awesome, hilarious husband is turning 30, on February 21st. And since he always takes such good care of me I thought I'd make him feel really special and throw him a party. It's going to be a killer party...I'll just say this: Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Bank, board games and dessert...need I say more?

Bring your family (kids too) and come celebrate Joe's birthday. No presents please, he's getting an iphone, and if you know Joe, you'll know that's all he wants in the world right now. He'll be on a high for months. Though I may ask some of you to bring something....potluck birthday?! Is that tacky....if it is, don't tell me, because cooking food for you all will stress me out.

If you want more details (location & time) please leave your email address in the comments.

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Jessie said...

Now that you're more in our area, I think we'd love to come (though I'll have to clear it with Cory when we get more details). And if potluck is tacky, I am the queen of tacky. Especially if you're not doing presents. Everyone likes to bring something to a party. :) Email me at jwkilger at gmail. Or facebook or whatever. I'm excited to see you guys.

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