Monday, March 16, 2009

Eliminating Gratuitous Sugar

When I was in college I remember my roommate Sarah talking about eliminating gratuitous sugar from her diet... Joe has decided that that time has come for us to do the same (and I agree). So we are stopping ALL eating of sweets---candy, cookies, cake, etc... Though I am still allowed to eat fruit and I don't have to worry about sugar in items like granola bars (yet....we may get stricter later). I'm actually looking forward to it. Especially since Joe has decided I get a prize for motivation. I chose this. And I am so so excited.

Wish me luck.

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Felicity said...

Good luck! I feel loads healthier since I've cut out the treats...but I do miss them. *sigh*

Luthi said...


DP said...

When I did something similar a few years ago (and I need to again), I found it helpful to have one "free" day when it was okay to eat treats.

I found that it was easier to remain strong the rest of the week when I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel. I think it helped me stay on the wagon longer, too.

emily said...

More power to you! I wish I were as brave.

I always get into a conundrum when I try to do this sort of thing. I LOVE to bake. I don't even have to eat it, I just love the baking of it.

And yet, nearly every time, some of that sweetness makes its way into my mouth.

Maybe I just need to find a new hobby?

Tannie Datwyler said...

HOw long are you cutting sweets out? The rest of your life? :)

Anna said...

for a while. we haven't decided how long. but it's meant to be a lifestyle change. to get to the point where a treat really is that, a treat. and we have it once a week or so.

Miryam said...

I hope you'll still eat cake at my wedding :). It's really really good cake, I swear. It has strawberries and everything.

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