Sunday, March 22, 2009

Things I like: Really Relaxing Date Nights With My Man

I had big plans for Friday night. And by big plans I meant we had no plans to meet anyone anywhere and I was planning on eating dinner and alternating between being lazy and cleaning my bedroom. My husband had other plans.

He said that after a long busy week he wanted a good date night. So my plans for cleaning/vegging were foiled. But it was one of the best date nights I've had a in a long time so i didn't mind.

I apologize in advance for the lack of photos.

Stop 1: A restaurant called "Gloria's Little Italy"

Where I had the best pesto I've ever had in my life. A. Maz. Ing. Go eat it NOW. And the price couldn't have been better since we got out of there with a bill for less than $25 and leftovers for both of us. Seriously, try it out. They also appeared to have amazing dessert (Emily I believe you had gelato there right?) but we were good and didn't eat any dessert. But we'll be going back for some believe me.

Stop 2: Walking Around a Historic Neighborhood in Provo

We were going to head over to Barnes and Noble and read random books for the rest of the night. But it was a glorious spring evening---perfect twilight sunlight and just the right temperature where you don't need a jacket. So we walked around downtown Provo for 20 minutes and I became convinced that when we have money someday I will not be buying a big brand new custom home---instead I'm buying a 100 year old house and spending a fortune renovating it. I can think of few things that would make me happier. And Joe wants me to be happy so he said okay.

Unfortunately I took no photos, but check out this flickr stream on to see what I mean. Sigh. I want one asap.

Stop 3: Barnes and Noble

I heart bookstores. I especially heart bookstores with my husband on lazy Friday evenings where I browse books on random topics, read silly children stories, buy a cheap journal and a good novel. (Speaking of books, thanks for all your great recommendations. I started Hunger Games, which I've been wanting to for a while and it is great. I plan on following up on more of your recommendations--you're all brilliant).

So there you go. What a great date. I love my husband. I love Italian food. I love dreaming about renovating a home so it looks like a Martha Stewart magazine or episode of This Old House. I love Provo spring and summer evenings. And I love books.

Have any of you been on any wonderful, inexpensive dates lately? I'd love your ideas.

4 little remarks:

DP said...

Our neighborhood is only a few blocks away from downtown, and many of the houses are just like you described—older, not huge, but restored beautifully. I'm a fan.

Jessie said...

Definitely going to have to check out Gloria's--yummy! and only a half a mile from my house... why didn't you stop by!?! Well, probably because you didn't know, and you were on a date, but still... we need to get together. And I'll show you my 81 year old house that needs some renovation, and you can dream about it, and then buy it from us when we're ready to move on. :)

emily said...

Yes I did go there for gelato. And it was AMAZING. I could smell everyone's dinners and we wished we'd gone for dinner ourseleves. We'll have to try the dinner sometime.

Confession: my favorite part (other than the gelato) was swooning over the Italian deli!

*Liese said...

One of my favorite dates was building a fort in our living room and eating mac & cheese whilst watching movies and playing games 'til we were too tired to think.

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