Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adventures in Cooking

My lack of posting lately leaves me amazed that very many people still read this blog. I keep trying to get back to writing posts and I"m completely unmotivated. I haven't been feeling well lately and when I don't feel well I tend to not make dinner, the house is a disaster, I want to quit my job that usually makes me happy, and I watch lots of mediocre TV and don't write blog posts. Thus, no blog posts for all of you. So today I'm fighting the temptation to watch more and more mediocre TV and instead thoughts I'd write about my cooking plans for the week (and one recipe from last week).

These three recipes are from the cookbook "Deceptively Delicious"

Macaroni Cheese with Cauliflower (recipe, here), though I like mine with more sharp cheddar and a little less cream cheese. I also add more pasta than it calls for to spread the meal further.

Also this week I'm planning on making Turkey Meatloaf. Admittedly the words "meat" and "loaf" kind of freak me out when combined, but I actually like it. And Joe LOVES meatloaf. But the amount of calories in traditional meatloaf make it a no-no. So we're trying this one which uses turkey and carrot puree so it is much healthier (and I HOPE, it's still tasty). You can get that recipe here too.

**p.s. Did you know that ground turkey has as much fat as ground beef, UNLESS you get the extra lean ground turkey made only with turkey breast. So if you really want to really cut the calories splurge on the extra lean ground turkey -- unfortunately it is almost never on sale. Oh well.

Tomorrow I'm cooking tacos...the recipe isn't online but it basically adds puree (carrot, I think) to the meat to make it healthier. So we're only using 1/4 lb ground beef, adding the puree, and adding both mushrooms and black beans to make the mix go further. The cookbook brilliantly recommends using some non-traditional toppings like red pepper and corn. I'm excited about it.

And today, we had beef stroganoff, something we're very fond of at our house. To cut the calories I used only 1/4lb ground beef, about 2/3 of a package of mushrooms, and fat free sour cream. I followed this recipe somewhat---though I used ground beef and mushrooms instead of sirloin, I just used olive oil cooking spray instead of butter, also we didn't have dijon so I substituted with regular mustard---in smaller portions because I hate and am scared of mustard. Also I added garlic with the onions, which was great. Joe LOVEd it. Yum.

What have you been cooking lately? I'm especially fond of low fat easy cooking, leave the links in the comments. I thank you in advance.

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Sarah Flib said...

No links for you, but I love that you're scared of mustard. I used to think I didn't like it, but then I went to Germany where the mustard is excellent, and I realized I just don't like the "classic yellow" kind. Spicy brown is pretty good.

Dibble's said...

Anna, I'm so impressed with you and your cooking, sewing, creating, all around creativity! ANd you're always looking for fun and new ways to do things. I need major tips! I never look at low fat vs high fat things, I"m o lame! I just get the low fat version of everything! :)

Ali said...

no desire to cook, and tired? you're pregnant, aren't you? hhhmm...I still have no desire to cook and it's been 3 months! these are all good ideas though. I like the ways you "make the meal go farther"- we are all about that around here! Thanks for sharing your tips of the trade. can't say I have any to share as I have not cooked in a long time!

Tannie Datwyler said...

I checked out Deceptively Delicious from the library and LOVED it. I want it for mother's day along with a magic bullet. I'm seriously going to try it. I am glad you posted about these recipes, because I haven't tried any of them yet. :)

I don't have recipes for you, although I do cook A LOT (almost every night). I just use the recipes in my cookbook mostly.

*Liese said...

Those all sound incredibly delicious! I'm going to have to give 'em a whirl one of these days.

Felicity said...

I tried these last week (adding diced onion and corn) and LOVED them!

Amber said...

Antoher thing that you can do to make meatloaf a little healthier is use Oatmeal instead of bread crumbs. I use the ground (quick cooking) oats and it works great. It adds more fiber than bread crumbs do.

Anna said...

great tip Amber! that's a great idea.

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