Friday, April 3, 2009

Blog Design & HTML tricks I've picked up so far...

To preface---I am not an html editing queen, but I have perfected the art of hitting ctrl-f to search for code within my blog and change it according to instructions online. It can be time consuming and frustrating, but I have fun changing things on my blog. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Drop down link lists:

  • you can do any sort of links in the drop down list, I chose to use mine because my list of links to blogs of people I knew was getting ridiculously long. I followed the code at this link.
  • btw, if you aren't in the link list, let me know and I'll add you
  • when you are linking to blogs of friends or others keep in mind that many people don't want their last name spread around the internet---having a semi private blog---I am one of these people. So if you have linked to my blog (I heart you) could you change it to just my first name? Or mine and Joe's first name? I'd appreciate it.

2. Sitemeter
  • I'm sure I've blogged about this before, but sitemeter is terrific. It can help you see who is visiting your blog, from where, how long people spend on your blog, how they find your blog, and what they click on when they leave your blog, etc... It's free and I like it. If you want to add sitemeter to your blog just click on the icon at the bottom of my blog and it'll take you to the webpage.

3. Background Options
If you've been blogging for a while you may have noticed there are a lot of different ways to personalize your blog. Here are a few (but first, remember to always backup your blog code before you play around with it just in case you mess anything up and want to restore widgets/changes you've done before):
  • If you don't know how to back up your blog code, it's pretty simple, just go to Layout, then Edit HTML, then click the link that says "Download Full Template" and save it to your desktop. If anything goes wrong you can always restore it back to it's original state by uploading that same file in the box on that page
  • The easiest way to change your background is to play around with font colors etc...under the layout tab in your dashboard at
  • You can also use premade blogger templates at websites like PYZAM or The Cutest Blog on the Block
  • Have it professionally redesigned, I'd recommend my friend Kaela, see her etsy shop here.
  • You could use a website like Scrapblog and these instructions (that's what I did :)

4. Label Cloud
  • I really love label clouds...not sure why. To make one follow the instructions on this site (time consuming but in the end I think it's great)

5. 3 column template
  • I like having a column on each side of my blog, if you want to make your own, see this link here.

6. Add a blog counter at the bottom
  • I'm sure there's all sorts of sources you could use for this, but I used this one.

What blogging tricks would you like to learn?
Are there any you want to share? I'm always up for learning new tricks. :)

Back with another post tomorrow. :)

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Katie and Jake said...

Hey Anna, remember me? I just used a few of your tricks to upgrade my blog. Thanks for posting them. Hope things are great!

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