Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Evidence My Husband Loves Me: Temple Print

So...consider this a sugar update. The first week of the sugar I went from Monday through Saturday at like 11pm and then I caved and had ice cream. And I haven't done that well since. But it was....cough...that time of month...cough. So I plan to try again (the limit to one treat per week). I have been having less sugar cravings lately (last night I didn't have an ice cream sandwich and Joe did! Victory!)

And so Joe let me get this limited edition Temple Letterpress Poster that I have been coveting for months (even though I wasn't perfect. He loves me!!). I still plan on getting those nursery prints sometime, but I'm buying this first before it sells out. :) Plus, General Conference this weekend made me realize that other than being in the background of our wedding photos, we don't have any pictures of the temple in our house :(
What do you think of this? It really is better if you visit the website and view the closeup. I can't wait to frame it. :)

3 little remarks:

Kaela said...

I'm so jealous (really so happy for you!). I want this print so bad too!! Congrats on doing so well with no sugar!!!

*Liese said...

Those are so cool! I love it. Way to go with the sugar. I couldn't do what you've done!

Rae said...

I have found that if I eat an orange before ice cream that the ice cream doesn't taste very good. So, if you are craving something really sweet (Dr. Pepper, chocolate, etc.) eat an orange first and then you will know it's not going to taste as good so why waste the treat! Also, go brush your teeth - I hate ruining a good clean mouth! ;)

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