Monday, April 20, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

I have quite a few blog posts half composed in my head but they seem to not be making it to the blog for various reasons. So today, here's a post--nothing too exciting--until i can get around to completing more substantive and exciting posts.

As of late, here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Build a Bear. I was going through my magazines, clipping coupons from them when I happened upon a coupon in Good Housekeeping for $5 off any bear priced $10 or more. Considering my subscription to GH costs something like $7, I couldn't be happier about all this. So on Saturday, amidst a day filled with productivity, Joe and I stopped over at Build a Bear and built a bear. Total cost was like $5.50 (and they gave me another $3 off coupon at checkout). How cute is Build a Bear---you get to pick it, stuff it, give it a heart, create it's birth certificate. The whole experience was delightful.

So right now this little bear has a home on our bookshelf and hopefully in a nursery sometime in the near future (not an announcement). If you want to go, find the nearest location here. If you want a similar coupon try going to the library and looking at this month or last months issue to see if the coupon is still there (or try the grocery store, the magazine is delightful too).

  • Land-o-Lakes light spreadable butter. This stuff is AMAZING! We aren't huge butter people, but when I do want to butter toast, using this product ensures I get that lovely butter flavor with half the fat, calories, and way less cholesterol. Also, it's spreadable right out of the refrigerator.

  • Community Gardens Last year Joe and I had such fun gardening (just check the archives from last summer!), but this year we are living in a basement apartment and so I figured the most I'd get to do was ask my landlord to allow me to place a pot of tomatoes in the backyard. Luckily, our amazing ward decided to do 2 community gardens this year. There is some empty space next to the church and an empty lot in our neighborhood--the church obtained permission for us to use both spaces and we are going to be planting both personal plots and group plots of all kinds of vegetables. Wonderful!
  • My cousin Tiffany is a horticulturist. Beyond designing landscaping she also knows a great deal about soil. So is offering a deal this year to help people with their gardens. For something like $25 (unsure on the price) she'll come to your house and test your soil and tell you what you should add to your garden to make it more successful. It's not a huge moneymaker for her, she just wants to help people have great gardens. I think this is a great idea and plan on hiring her to help with our neighborhood gardens. If you want to hire her (and live here in Utah) drop me a line and I'll get her contact info to you.
  • Dish of the Week My friend Rachel is funny and I rather miss her since she now lives in D.C. Luckily, Rachel decided to send out this weekly dish email. By dish she means girl talk. As a recently married girl I must say that girl talk (dish!) is one of the things I miss most about being single/having roommates. So Rachel sends out this email to a group of women. This was great in and of itself. But the dish has taken on a life of it's own and many of the women have hit reply to all and shared their own dish. Some I've met, many I haven't. But I must say that reading these little emails brings me great joy
  • BYU Education Week. I love BYU Education week--amazing speakers all gathered in one place and giving inspiring talks/tips. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I can afford to take the time off to attend education week and so have not been for several years. Recently, I discoved that several of the best talks (going back to 1996) are available online for free. If you want to learn something wonderful and feel inspired, go here.
  • I could write a whole review of now that we've been using it for a while (and I will). I just have to say I love analyzing our spending, making goals to reduce spending in key areas, and getting updates via email whenever we get large deposit, unusually large purchases, or go over pre-set budget limits. If you havne't signed up, you must.
  • Books I am still loving the reading! if you want to see a list of my past reads, current reads, and future plans, click here. And friend me, I need all the friends (and reading suggestions) I can get.
So many favorites, so little time. But this is a good start. Maybe I'll make this a regular feature.

What are a few of your favorite things lately?

5 little remarks:

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

You are one of my favorite things :) How does one get in on the weekly dish email? I think that'd be so delightful!

Amber said...

Walgreens. Picnics. Skirts and flip flops. Grilling. Free Samples everyday in my mailbox. I could go on and on...

Rachel said...

hahaha...I heart dish of the week, too. Especially the reply-alls. Love it!

Kacey said...

i just emailed rachel and begged to be included in dish of the week. please bless that she says yes!

graham and heather said...

We use as well! It is pretty sweet. Also I am in love with these swimsuits:

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