Monday, April 6, 2009

Listen to this: Arthur Brooks

One of the delights of working at BYU is the opportunity to attend devotionals and forums. Devotionals are typically on spiritual topics and feature members of the church (faculty, church leaders etc) and forums are on secular educational topics and may feature both members of the BYU community and scholars from around the world.

I was particularly impressed with this recent speech by an economist who now is President at the American Enterprise Institute (if I remember correctly) who discussed the economics of giving --- his talk entitled "Why Giving Matters" can be seen here. I really encourage you to watch it. It was entertaining and enlightening. I really loved it.

Can you believe all this posting I'm doing? I'm getting back into the swing of things.

Let me know how you like the talk.

(Oh and if you are in the mood for something spiritual I highly recommend this talk from a few weeks ago by Elder Jeffrey R Holland or anything from General Conference this weekend.)

2 little remarks:

Felicity said...

Specifically Elder Holland's talk from General Conference this weekend! A-mazing!

Leilani said...

I really liked the Arthur Brooks talk too. I'll have to check out his books.

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