Monday, April 27, 2009

My First 5K

My cousin Shirlene is my running buddy, which is great. Because when Joe is my running buddy it can easily go something like this:

*Anna: lets go running tomorrow
*Joe: okay, I'll set the alarm for six

let 7 hours pass...beep, beep, beep

Joe: time to get up to go running
*Anna: Anna sleepy...mumble...mumble
*Joe: Come on honey, remember you told me you wanted to run today
*Anna: How bout we snuggle in our warm bed instead
*Joe: honey, come on, get up
*Anna: I don't want to, the bed is warm
*Joe: okay, I'll reset the alarm

See how this is a problem? Joe would rather snuggle with me than go running and I would rather sleep another hour. So it's nice to have Shirlene waiting outside at 6 so that I can't choose to bail. We only went once and then were foiled by persistent bad weather, but our official training schedule starts today so I'm happy to have a running partner.

We're training with a group---so we have a schedule: I'll run with Shirlene 2 mornings a week, crosstrain 2-3 days a week on my own, and run with the group Saturday mornings. Having a group on Saturday to run with means I really want to stick to my schedule and not look lazy on Saturdays. If you are interested in running your first 5k and you live near American Fork, UT you can register to run with our group here. Registration fees include your race fees, the fees for the coaching/class, a shirt, and a jacket.

So I run my first 5k in July and plan on running another in late August/September to run it faster. After the information class on Saturday I went for a run and it felt great. Today my quads and thighs are just sore enough that it feels great.

I'm so so excited.

Also, major kudos to Tara, my running hero, who ran her first half marathon about a week ago. She's amazing.

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Emily S said...

Way to go, it helps so much to have a goal . . .then if you run enough of them, you'll have pajamas for the rest of your life.

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