Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garage Sale-ing...Time Well Spent

I love garage sales. Sure there's tons of junk (and I do mean TONS). But occasionally you hit a gold mine. On Saturday I got two books (hello, Mere Christianity, so happy to finally have a copy of you), a covered glass casserole dish ($1, paid by my mother because I didn't have any cash on me) and a BOATLOAD of craft/scrapbooking supplies.

My dad lives in a master planned community that has all kinds of community rules. One of which limits when they can have yard sales. So at least once a year they have a community wide yard sale--the whole neighborhood can participate. So on the same day you can drive around the neighborhood and find 20+ yard sales. AMAZING!

Anyway this one woman had a table FILLED with scrapbook stuff. I finally asked her "do you own a scrapbook store or something" and indeed she owns a scrapbook supply production company (Doodlebug Design). They got new packaging and so they needed to clear out a bunch of perfectly good items in old packaging. So, I got:

rickrack in beautiful girly colors

buttons Jessica, I thought of you, you would have freaked out.

pages upon pages of alphabet stickers

brads in assorted colors

these 3D letter thingys (originally about $6 a pack), can't find a pic and my camera is dead


everything was $0.25 (except the flocking powder which was $1.00). So I went to town and gathered like $16.00 worth of product and then Joe said "let's just say $15" and the lady agreed. Score.

THEN I went home and showed my mom and her friends. They freaked out and we went back. And for bringing back friends the woman rewarded me with more free product (score!!). It was amazing.

And now I have so many projects planned. And the fact that I won't have to spend $50 at Joann's to complete them all brings me much joy.

I'm finally starting my quiet book today--and all those buttons will come in very handy. I'm planning on posting one page at a time on the blog as I do them...could be a while since I'm a total slowpoke.

4 little remarks:

Jess said...

Um... LOVE the buttons! :)

Ali said...

I am exited to see your quiet book posts!! I too love garage sales...but I'm not skilled in finding the best ones. It takes true talent to get deals I've learned. Next Saturday I have a g-sale date with my sister-in-law and I couldn't be more exited!!

Felicity said...

I'm mostly excited that you got Follett's "Pillars of the Earth." YAY!

Krystal the Pistol said...

WOOHOO!!! Awesome!!! I love bargains! I get so excited hearing about them! haha!

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