Thursday, May 28, 2009

My name is Anna and I'm a crafting addict

I have been to Joann's 3 times in one week. But now I'm pretty tooled up for a slew of projects (though not completely on all of them).


  • Reupholstering the living room chairs (as discussed previously)
  • Reupholstering the dining room chairs from my Grandma
  • Make a table runner with extra fabric from dining room chairs
  • Sanding and restaining the chairs, table and hutch from Grandma (oy!)
  • Making this Amy Butler Cozy Kitten
  • Making these mum pillows (in cocoa brown felt) for my couch
  • Countless quiet book pages...seriously, so so many
  • A baby sling with my friend Helena (luckily like a 30 minute project)
  • Some simple craft project with my nieces, because I promised (did I mention my niece said I should name my quiet book "Oh Baby!" lol. She's funny)

It's going to be a busy summer. And at the end we hope to buy a condo to put it all in. So so exciting.

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henderson said...

Ms. Ambitious! You go girl!

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