Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One of the biggest perks of my job

Access to the BYU library. It is an amazing library. I love it.

And I love it more now than ever since my employee/faculty status lets me check out books for months at a time without renewing. Brilliant.

I am loving reading. And I am loving Good Reads. If you haven't joined yet, you should.

So fun.

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Heather said...

Fun for you! I need to be more of a reader. Well, I should say, more of a book reader! I spend plenty of time reading on facebook, and occasionally blogs.
What a cute idea for a quiet book! Maybe someday I'll actually work up enough ambition to make one for myself! ;) I'm one of those not-so-crafty people who, when I want something that's hand made, I take a trip to the Quilted Bear!

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