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Quiet Book Plan: A Plan for the Whole Alphabet & Step 1 Tutorial

After much searching the internet and brainstorming and a little creativity I have come up with a quiet book plan. If you have suggestions for tweaking it I would really love it.

I knew I wanted to do a book following the ABCs (which will actually end up being 2 separate books because there are too many pages) but I also wanted to make sure each page would DO something and not just look cute.

I will try to post each page as I complete it and link to those posts below. I am going to shoot for 1 page a week, but that may end up being too ambitious.

A is for Ark: Noah's Ark with several sets of animals
B is for Braiding: Girl with yarn hair that can be braided
C is for Counting: several different abicus rows, each with a different number of beads, to help them learn how to count
D is for drawing: a pocket with drawing paper and another with several crayons
E is for everyone: Everyone can see the beauty of the temple
F is for family: tree with apples that snap on and off and can go in a bushel. Each apple has a photo of a different family member...thus the "family tree"
G is for grapes. G is for grapes...a bunch of grapes that velcro on and off the stem
H is for heaven: Lay up treasures in heaven -- a treasure box with a lock on it, you use the attached key to open the lock and inside will be lots of of family and friends...maybe words that represent treasures in heaven. I haven't figured out this exactly.
I is for ice cream: cones with scoops of ice cream you can stack on the cones
J is for Joseph: and his coat of many colors. Joseph is on the page and you velcro on the different colored strips that make up his special coat
K is for krazy: krazy weaving strips. Yes, I spelled crazy wrong, but I really wanted a page with fabric strips that you could to a basket/lattice weave with and I needed a k
L is for Life: as in the tree of life. Tree with white or yellow fruits that snap on and off and little people that can slide along an iron rod leading to it.
M is for mailbox: Mailbox that opens so that you can put letters or notes inside that you've written (probably using paper from D)
N is for Nephite: Nephite temple puzzle
O is for Oh so soft: different squares of soft textures (velvet, faux fir, etc...)
P is for pioneers: faith in every footstep, etc...two pioneer shoes that lace up and can be tied
Q is for Quietly: thinking about Jesus, flip chart of religious photos
R is for reflection: a mirror
S is for shapes: colorful shapes with corresponding shadow shapes on the board. Match the color to its shadow
T is for tithing: coins and then both a piggy bank and a tithing envelop, the practice putting the proper coins in each
U is for Under the Sea: Fishes in the water with magnets in them and a pole with a magnet so they can fish
V is for vegetables: vegetables planted in the garden, pull them out and put in basket
W is for whale: little Jonah and his whale...the whale's mouth zippers so Jonah can be placed in our out
X is for X and Os: to play tic tac toe
Z is for zip zip: unzip the pocket and find the face parts---a blank face with parts that can be mixed and matched on the face --- Mr. Potato Head style.

Step 1 Tutorial:

1. So if you want to follow along the first step is to buy felt (acrylic is cheaper than real wool and less scratchy).
2. Cut it into 12 x 12 sheets (or smaller if you like, I just think bigger makes it easier to work with). I used a rotary cutter and cutting mat with acrylic ruler to get really straight lines because if they aren't all the same size it would make me crazy.

Other tips:
Color: My felt is charcoal gray, but any color would do. I'd avoid white since it would show dirt easier.
Where to buy: I got mine at Joann's. Use a 40% off coupon (they have them in mailers constantly) to get a great deal.
Also get: Start stocking up on sew on snaps, buttons, sew on velcro, etc...

If you are going to sew along, get excited, it's going to be fun. If you live nearby maybe we can work together on it. Such a fun project. And don't forget to enter the giveaway.

Also I must credit the following sites which gave me ideas. Some giving me ideas for objects, others ideas for how to make those objects "do" something, and some just giving me ideas for style. You can view those pages here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. I loved all the ideas, but I really liked the finishes on the second link (Rebecca used a pattern of etsy and put cute patterned fabrics to make it...I don't know, even cuter! Nice work). If you want the etsy pattern you can purchase it--find the seller using the link above (one of the last ones).

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emily said...

LOVE the ideas! Thank you for the links too! My biggest concern with making my own is the binding... what are you doing to bind it?

p.s. charcoal felt = genius

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