Saturday, May 23, 2009

Board Games, Thrift Stores & Sewing Machines

Friday is, with few exceptions, date night. Last night we made a few shopping stops and got some really great deals.

First we went to Board Game revolution---the store where you can get the BEST deals I've seen on board games. They have 2 locations--one in Orem and one in SLC somewhere. Have no fear, if you don't live in Utah their online prices are even better, so after shipping it comes out about the same.

Last time we picked up Bohnanza, so fun and a cheap one too!

And this time we got Blokus

Next time it's going to probably be this bundle (an investment, but even better savings when you buy all three together).

We went to the DI (like Goodwill for you non-Utahns) in search of a fish bowl. I've decided that since I'm alone in my office most of the day I needed a fish to keep me company. I found a nice medium sized pretty glass bowl for $1. So today I'll be picking up a low maintenance beta fish at Petsmart. I need to name him....the jury's still out, I'll let you know. I'm very excited.

While we were there I took some extra time to browse the books section. Usually the books section at the DI overwhelms me and I don't give it more than a cursory glance. But we were in no rush. And lucky me, we found some great finds, the women in line at the register were duly impressed. We got:

2 books by Sheri Dew, one of my favorites. I think they were $1 or $2 each, can't remember.

A copy of this book, which I've heard from a lot of people I should read when we start our family. I know it's somewhat controversial so I'll just say I plan on reading at least 2 sleeping books before deciding my own opinion. I think this one was just $1 so I thought it was worth picking up.

Lots of kids books that were all $0.50 or $0.75 so how could I pass these up (Joe and I both used to collect children's books and then lost them in the moving van so we're excited to build it back up. Plus it helps me in achieving my rainbow bookshelf):

I love goldfish! Also I hear I will likely be buying them in bulk once I have a toddler. This board book was cute and in great shape so I picked it up:

A classic, not in perfect shape, but pretty good:

Missing it's dustjacket, but a hardcover for $0.75, come on.

I loved the Berenstain Bears books so much when I was a kid that I couldn't pass up this one for $0.50. Plus, though it was a paperback, it had been a library book so it was laminated to hold up better:

This board book wasn't spectacular, but it was cute and in perfect condition and so cheap:

Do you remember this book from when you were a child? Joe found it. Winner.

And then Joe got a business/motivational book as he loves to do. Don't remember what it was called.

[Btw, Brooke, what was that website where you got killer deals on children's books? Can you leave the link in the comments?]

By far the BEST part of the evening though was getting me a sewing machine. What's that you say? You don't own a sewing machine. I know. I KNOW. I've been borrowing my mom's, sister-in-law's, or Helena's for far too long. And this week I got a raise at work, nothing huge, but still. And I'm beginning the quiet book and reupholstering chairs and for goodness sake I sewed my own cloth diapers. So I think I've earned it.

I got a Singer at Walmart for $100 and a carrying case for $20. I got this model which is slightly different than Helena's that we sewed the diapers on. But hers was also a Walmart Singer and I was rather impressed with the quality. I would love a $300 or $400 machine but I can't justify that unless I start sewing a lot more.

I am so giddy. I think I've said to Joe at least five times "I have a sewing machine!!!!" It's the simple things my friends.

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Jessie said...

Did you see that I did the colored bookshelf thing? (Seen here: I know it isn't as spectacular as the picture you posted, but it's only my books, not the kiddos, so it's lacking a lot of that vibrant color. Still though, I love it. Makes the shelves look a lot cleaner, too.

SO excited for your sewing machine! Mine is a $100 1980's-ish Bernina... nothing at all fancy, but I LOVE having it. I need to be more motivated and use it more often, but hey..

And one more thing, love the books--I always check out the book section while I'm at the DI--I used to find my books for my lit classes there. So great. And while I didn't follow babywise to a T, I did appreciate a lot of the info in it. I always figure the more childrearing books you read, the better you'll be able to handle the real thing. But that's just me. :)

Beazer said...

Cheap children's books... hmmm. You might have to jog my memory on that one.

And as for reading other sleep books, if you want the other side of the spectrum you should keep your eyes out for anything Dr. Sears (he's attachment parenting -- the opposite of Babywise) and "The Science of Parenting." Oh, and "The Power of Positive Parenting" by Dr. Glen Latham (a member from Logan -- we actually rented his house when we lived there). The last book was part of required training for Head Start social workers and it set the tone for the type of parenting we'd employ. There's my two cents!

Emily S said...

We need to have a game night! Gary and I haven't done anything like that in forever. Also the D.I. comes up again . . . people are always finding amazing things there, I really need to make the occasional stop. Cause as you know, I really need to add to my book collection . . . (the line between need and want is so blurry for me on this one).

Tannie Datwyler said...

I agree with Jessie about parenting books - read as much as you can and you'll find that you hardly ever adhere 100% to anything, but you'll learn something good from every one you read. I didn't like Babywise overall (mostly because it was too strict for me) but I did learn a lot from it. :)

I am also very impressed with your DI book finds - I need to be better about bargain shopping, but for me it isn't worth the time when I have two kids hanging around me all the time. I wish I could be more motivated to do that better.

I love the board games you mentioned. We have all of those (that's what we spend our extra money on). Have you heard of Puerto Rico? It's supposed to be the top game in the US (or has been for a few years), but I've never played it. It's too bad you and Joe don't live closer (or vice versa) because you guys are game players and we LOVE games.

Ali said...

You got some serious steals! Way to go! I collected childrens books before i had kids, too....and I'm glad I did- with all that you have to buy with a new baby right at first, it's nice to already have that out of the way but still slowly add to your collection :) Congrats on your sewing machine!!

Helena said...

Sooo excited about the sewing machine!

A deal stealing mom said...

I am jealous! Those were some awesome deals Anna! I don't usually find awesome deals at DI. It's kind of like garage sales for me sometimes they are incredible and I hit the jackpot on one stop, and sometimes I don't find anything 5 times I go in. I think my DI has higher prices too- our books are like $4 a piece. Oh well, life goes on right? I think the website you were talking about is Books A Million- I don't know if they're having a great sale right now- but they do have a ton of books there. ( Again- awesome sales- and by the way I think you should be a cha chaer- where you answer people's questions- you get paid for it. Maybe not now- but once you have a baby- it would be fun for you since you LOVE googling and are so good at it. You're great!

*Liese said...

Love love LOVE Bohnanaza! I was introduced to it a couple of weekends ago and now I feel as though I want to own it. Congrats on the sewing machine! They really do make crafting MUCH easier.

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