Thursday, June 25, 2009

104 in 104: #14 Concert in the Park, #16 Go Camping Together

#14: Go to a concert in the parkLast night I went with my friend Stacie to see a showtunes concert in the park. It was free and it was relaxing and it was fun. I'm so glad I went. The park is so beautiful and I have such a nice time when I go. There are lots more concerts on Tuesdays and Fridays through August, you can see the full schedule here (look at Tues. & Frid. on the calendar).

#16: Go camping together
Joe and I are currently working with the cubscouts. For pack meeting last month we did an overnight campout (complete with smores and amazing breakfast) over on the church property. It poured, but at least it was close to home. :)

#87: Take a Photoshop Class
BYU has workshop classes that are really brief but can get you some skills quickly. I took the beginning photoshop class. I guess this post needs some pictures so here's a before & after (hey, I"m still learning).



I know you're impressed with my mad photoshop skills. Actually I can do cooler things, but no time to finish those and upload. Just trust me, it was worth the 4 hours of my time. And now, I have to head to work or I'll be late for my Access 2007 class.

Crossing things off this list is happy, see the full list here.

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Emily S said...

Way to go - that is definitely something I'd like to learn to do. Maybe I'll just send my pictures to you and you can switch all smiling/frowning faces around for me.

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