Thursday, June 11, 2009

Earn a Little Extra Cash: Sign up with Expo TV

You know how sometimes you'll see a product and think it looks really great, but you're not sure you want to take the chance and buy it without getting a real person's opinion? Well have I got a website for you.

My friend Lisa referred me to this site and I'm definitely excited about it. Thanks Lisa :)

It's called Expo TV and you can upload videos of yourself giving a product review and then earn money for doing that product review. This is exciting because

A) I like telling people about products I love
B) I have a video camera
C) Hello, free money for doing something I don't mind doing anyway.
D) You can sometimes qualify to try products for free, have them sent to you and then do a product review (hello, free product, yes please)

Anyway, I highly recommend you sign up, and use this link so I'll get credit for referring you:

(Btw Ali, this totally made me think of you and your Friday Fave---you should submit your vita mix video!)

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