Thursday, June 18, 2009

My first 5K

I run my first 5k one month from today. ONE MONTH! Ahhhhh!

Earlier this week Shirlene & I ran 2.8 miles, with 3.5 minute run, 1 minute walk (roughly....we have some issues timing our runs, I need a better watch...also sometimes we walk a little longer cuz, well, we're tired). But we're getting close and more fit! It's been super. No more knots in my calves! Hooray!

If you want to run a 5k, ours is this one.

And maybe I'm a maniac, but our friend/coach Don may have talked me into the 10k training program that starts right after this keep me going because I need external motivation/friends cheering me on so I don't quit. If you want to sign up for that (and live in Utah County, Utah) sign up using the link above and we can be friends running together every Saturday. Shirlene, you up for a 10K or am I just crazy?

Btw, this means #31 on my list of 104 things to do in 104 weeks is almost complete (I'm counting it even if Joe isn't running it with me). Did you forget about the 104 list because I haven't posted about it in so long. You can review the list here.

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Emily S said...

Way to go! So, you run in intervals? At first I thought you were saying you ran the whole thing in 4.5 minutes . . .

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