Friday, June 19, 2009

The Perfect Eyebrows

I know Brooke Shields is famous for her eyebrows, and right now they are lovely. But back in the 80s, the brows that made her famous, they are too much for me! And unfortunately I am "blessed" with dark, very thick, fast growing eyebrows. Oh and have I mentioned that I hate to pluck? And that shaping them stresses me out?

Solution 1: Get them waxed frequently (I am too cheap for this, though it is fast and lovely if you have a really good esthetician who you trust to shape them)

Solution 2: Anastasia's Eyebrow products. Specifically her stencils. At $20 for the stencils alone it is a steal--so much cheaper than repeated trips to the salon. I bought mine on (and my Ohio friends, you have a Sephora in the mall, lucky). They also sell them at Nordstrom.

I actually do not currently own the eyebrow stencils, but when I had them they trained me to shape mine. I still miss them and want to buy them again, they just aren't at the top of my list. But they helped me learn where my eyebrow should start, end and how thick they should be. They helped me far more than any Seventeen Magazine eyebrow article ever could. I still struggle to get them perfect and will definitely invest $20 to get the stencils again.

If you are wondering how exactly a "stencil" can help you tame your brows, watch this video at sephora. And if you have sparse brows (rather than the crazy wild growing brows I posess) these products can help you fill in there too.

You're probably thinking I'm not the posterchild for perfect eyebrows. My mom sees me and I know she's trying to refrain from saying "You need to pluck your eyebrows, come over here and I'll do them" like she did when I was a teenager. So as evidence that I can have nearly perfect brows when I try, see this engagement photo:

From Wedding

Writing this post reminds me, I should go pluck right
now...should being the operative word.

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Ali said...

Last year I put down some money at Nordstroms to get them done and I LOVED them. They of course used the anastasia stencils...but I didn't know you could buy them yourself and do it! I'm going to have to do that...cause I'm definitely not footing the bill here in CA to do it. I guarantee you it will be 3X as much the cost in Utah...curses to the expense of living here.

(the cheapest I've been able to find a cut is $45...and that's just a CUT- no color, no style...etc)

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