Friday, June 5, 2009

Quiet Book Giveaway Voting Update

36 votes cast and counting and the competition is fierce (no I will not tell you who's in the lead). So girls who are in the running you may want to link on your blog to the quiet book giveaway voting post to have your best shot. Two people were fighting for the lead, but now a third one is catching up. Who knows who will win!

So fun! This is fun. I should giveaway things more often.

You know what else is fun. I'm getting glitter toes done tonight with Helena, Charayne, and my Mom. And while I do that my husband is going to work on refinishing the dining room furniture. Oh and this weekend I'm going to work on wrapping up the reupholstery (lets cross our fingers).

Sigh. I love the weekend.

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