Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Sched, because I like Schedules

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I decided my blog needed organization. Not because I lacked ideas of things to blog about, but more because I have all kinds of things I could blog about and wasn't sure how to strike a balance and be motivated to blog more steadily and not in spurts.

So moving forward here's what to except...though seriously...I cannot promise sticking to the schedule all the time. And I won't post on all these days, all weeks (though....maybe lots of the time, I have lots on the brain, it's just a time constraint).

Monday: Recipes

Tuesday: Technology/Websites

Wednesday: Decorating/Crafts/Tutorials

Thursday: I will post 104 in 104 when we complete them, trips & other activities Joe and I been up to. Often I won't post on Thursdays because I'm not completing a 104 in 104 every week and because for some reason I'm super lazy about getting photos of our activities up on the blog.

Friday: When it strikes my fancy I'll post fashion/style/girlyness related posts

Saturday: "Things I Love"--all those random little things that don't need their own post, but make me super happy

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madison said...

I so envy yoour chacos! I too have spent years dreaming of having a pair and continue to do so... Great choice! I love how strappy they are.

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